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The Banana Skins feature first appeared in The EMC Journal, Issue 15, January 1998 and has appeared in every issue since. It briefly describes reports of electrical/electromagnetic interference and has been compiled by Keith Armstrong.

We strongly recommend that you download and print out the Index file which is just 5 pages. You can then use this as a handy reference when viewing the Banana Skins pdf.

You can view and/or download the first 855 Banana Skins (BananaSkins.pdf).  This is a pdf file which you cannot print out, but can copy the text.

Some Banana Skin items are personal anecdotes, some come from research, and some are extracted from official documents and reports. Some of these interference incidents had harmless or even amusing results, some lost companies significant amounts of time and/or money, and some resulted (or could have resulted) in injury or death.

We hope that it helps you to identify interference problems that could happen to your designs, so that you deal with them in advance as part of the normal design/development procedure and don’t have the embarrassment and cost of trying to correct poor EMC design after products have been shipped or systems installed. Designing EMC in from the first saves time and cost, reduces customer returns and warranty costs, and reduces the possibility of liability claims.