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EMC Centre (Paisley) Ltd
Block L Unit 7D, Westway
Porterfield Road

Telephone: +44 (0)141 886 7300


The EMC Centre (Paisley) Ltd. was established in 1989 at the University of Paisley and supported a wide variety of clients with consultancy services and EMC testing. The EMC Centre is now a 'spin-out' company with improved test and measurement facilities in support of EMC investigations and consultancy. Our Laboratory at Westway in Renfrew is comprehensively equipped with a 10m Open Area Test Site, a 3.6m x 4.4m x 2.4m Shielded Enclosure, 7m x 4.5m x 4.2m fully anechoic Shielded Enclosure, and a GTEM cell.

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